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shri-vidya-pratishthan-trust-assembly-of-shrividya-upasaka 1
shri-vidya-pratishthan-trust-assembly-of-shrividya-upasaka 1

श्रीविद्या प्रतिष्ठान (रजि.)

Shrividya Pratishthan : assembly of Shrividya seniour upasakas from more than 18 Gurumandalams from different parts of India. The enthusiasm with which the upasakas following different traditions intermingled and performed the pooja in unison thereby establishing “Unity of Shri vidya in diversity of traditions ” resulted in the formation of ShriVidya Pratishthan.

The VISION of ShriVidya Pratishthan is : A Happy World with plenty of Blissful Shri Vidya Upasakas emanating Grace during all their interactions for Universal Peace & Happiness.

The MISSION statement of ShriVidya Pratishthan is : ShriVidya Pratishthan will enthusiastically re-kindle, Clarify and Spread the Universal principles of SHRI VIDYA namely LOVE & AFFECTION, DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY, SENSE OF EQUANIMITY, JUSTICE & SELF SACRIFICE through effective communication and active collaboration, for the welfare of mankind and enrichment of human values.

Shrividya Pratishthan operates from the “PLATFORM OF VISHWA PREM- Vishwa Prema Bhoomika”. ShriVidya Pratishthan believes in jointly working together with various Gurumandalams to enhance the glory of each & every Gurumandalam. ShriVidya Pratishthan wants every Gurumandalam to flourish and carry on its own traditions.

Shrividya Pratishthan believes that all Gurumandalams following different traditions handed over by previous generations of Guru parampara are indeed equally great so long as they believe in universal Motherhood, do not create any public controversies and worship Shri Lalita for universal welfare. ShriVidya Pratishthan does not compare or grade the different practices of Gurumandalams one versus the other. The prime objective & responsibility of Shrividya Pratishthan is to endeavor to protect the different traditions of Shri vidya practiced in different states of India from disappearing for want of new entrants. ShriVidya Pratishthan collaborates with various Gurumandalams & exchanges details of methods of worship with the sole purpose of preserving & better understanding of the significance so that interested upasakas could adopt them in their pooja practices.

Shrividya Pratishthan takes keen interest to publish for the first time or reprint sacred ancient tantric texts from manuscripts or palm leaves that deal with Shri Vidya Saparya or philosophy of Shri Vidya namely “Thraipura Siddhantha”.

Shrividya Pratishthan periodically conducts Shri Lalita Mahayagas, Mangala Chandi Homams, etc in association with other religious institutions. ShriVidya Pratishthan has performed Mahayagas as per Saubhagya Kalpadruma. National level seminars on Shri Vidya philosophy – Tantric Advaitha Siddhantha have been organized in major cities of India to spread the awareness of Shri Vidya principles in right perspective. ShriVidya Pratishthan is happy to declare that wherever two or more Gurumandalams come together to perform a Yaga or Yagna for universal welfare, the banner of Shrividya Pratishthan can be displayed.

Shrividya Pratishthan has its head quarters at Mumbai and as of now has centers at Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad. ShriVidya Pratishthan is a registered hierarchical organization. An Apex body of very senior, knowledgeable & well respected upasakas guide and inspire ShriVidya Pratishthan in all its activities.

In cities like Mumbai, where Shri Vidya is practiced by different Gurumandalams, ShriVidya Pratishthan encourages inter- Gurumandalam – “Group Discussion / Interactive learning sessions” in some upasaka’s residence on holidays to promote exchange of ideas and cultivate a deeper understanding of the significance of rituals and philosophy of Shri Vidya.

The expertise of Shrividya Pratishthan to conduct different forms of Lalitha Mahayagas, Homas, etc are well known. Shrividya Pratishthan also guides individual upasakas on Conduct of Purascharanam, Deeksha ceremonies, Anthyeshti, Kaula Srardha etc. ShriVidya Pratishthan has kindled the interest in Devi Ashtanga GaNanam by publishing Devi Mana Calender regularly and making it available to upasakas. A sincere ShriVidya Pratishthan member guides upasakas on ALL THIRTY SIX Parayanams listed in Saubhagya Tantra including Shat Parayanam.

Shrividya Pratishthan is fortunately associated with Gurumandalams hailing from Shri Bhaskararaya Makhi, – the greatest Shri Vidya upasaka of recent past who revived the Shri Vidya shastras in all its original glory. Upasakas from these Guru Paramparas are very knowledgeable and guide inspired upasaks to perform Anthar Mukha Nyasa of Bhavanopanishad.

The final objective of ShriVidya Pratishthan is to ensure that every Shri Vidya Gurumandalam while maintaining the Glory and divinity of its Guru parampara, gets anchored to Shrividya Pratishthan for the benefit of Shri Vidya community as a whole and universal welfare.

With Vishwa Prem
श्रीविद्या प्रतिष्ठान (रजि.)