Advices & Wisdom Quotes for a happy life


Advices & Wisdom Quotes for a happy life

We start with Prayers which are direct conversations seeking God. Amba !  Give me the serenity to accept things,that I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can and The wisdom to know the difference between the two.

Ambike ! Also give me the serenity to accept my reality as Your verdict, The courage to accept my mistakes & weaknesses and to improve and

The wisdom to know the difference between my Wants and my Needs.

Amba is happy with us because we did not pray for material things; We only sought Wisdom. Amba gracefully answers our prayers with an assertion that –

“ You have an unlimited potential. You are the author of your life. You set limits for your horizon. You make efforts in the right direction with unfailing enthusiasm and faith and leave the results to me. With My abundant grace, you will reap excellent results.

Well! Now that we got the message from Devi that our efforts & faith are a prelude to our success and divine grace follows our efforts, let us browse through various Wisdom quotes for leading both physically& mentally happy life which will enable us to put in extraordinary efforts.

I want happiness”… Sure!!  First get rid of egoistic “I”…then get rid of “WANT ”. Now what remains is the happiness you NEED. Only the Contended person can be really Happy.

Happiness starts with a contagious smile on our face. let us live life with a smile and make others smile and be the reason for both smiles.

There is no way to happiness !! Happiness is the way to Life!!! The only way to happiness is .. Start Being Happy with what you have. Sounds like a joke ? …..But very true. Happiness comes to those who appreciate what they already have Being Happy is not a matter of Destiny. It is a matter of options.

Happiness is not the absence of problems in life but the strength to deal with them. Do not allow the unfortunate events of your life Define you or Destroy you, instead let them strengthen your future.

Make a pledge! I will not allow someone else’s stupid behavior or arrogance affect my peace & happiness. I realize that no one or anything can make me unhappy without my consent.

Patience is not about “How long you wait”. It is about “How you behave when you wait long”.
Patience with Friends and family is LOVE.
Patience with others is CONCERN or RESPECT.
Patience with self is  CONFIDENCE.
Patience with God is FAITH.

Two most important virtues in life are “ Self Awareness” & “Courage”. Nature of self Awareness is to turn inwards, reflect & become aware of   one’s own reality. Nature of courage is to dare, act, sacrifice &conquer. Self Awareness is reality and Courage is dealing with reality.

You will not be punished for your anger but by your anger itself. Holding on to anger is like grasping a red hot charcoal with the intent of throwing at the person who made you angry. Hatred is like the acid that eats away the container which holds it. Whoever does not flare up at someone who is angry with him, wins the battle hardest to win.Hatred binds you most to the hated object.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong
When you choose to forgive, you take away their powers to hurt you.

Just one quote in summary. There is only one Meditation – The rigorous refusal to harbor thoughts and being blissful in the stillness of silence.  Let Go…… or.. Be dragged.

A long path of hundred feet in utter darkness can be successfully walked over, one step at a time, with a torch that lights one foot distance only. The most important thing is to courageously take the first step with awareness.

If you are depressed you are living in the PAST
If you are anxious you are living in the FUTURE
If you are at peace you are living in the PRESENT.

You do not have to be a highly knowledgeable and perfect Sri Vidya upasaka. It is enough if you give your entire heart to Sri Vidya and relish being in the satsang of upasakas and adore every bit of your sadhana.

The entire ocean cannot sink a ship. But some water inside the ship can.

Do not take worries into your heart. Float and sail over the worries.

Every test in life makes us either Bitter or Better,  Makes or Breaks us. Either we can emerge Victoriously or become Victims. Choice is ours.

Success is,  when you look back in life,  the memories make you smile.

Sometimes in life, we will have to play the game of monkey bars. Unless we are willing to let loose one hand we cannot move forward. A circular coin can stand on its edge only when it is in motion.Even a highly trained circus artist doing a wire walk has to carry a long bent pole and tilt alternately and move forward without stopping in between. In the ultimate analysis, life management is Conflict Resolution & Balance

In day to day life, inevitably, we come across situations where we have to deal with negative people. The rules to follow in such situations are –

Give up the need to complain.
Do not believe everything you think will happen.
Focus on solutions and not on problems.                                                    Do not make others’ problems your problems.
Everything that annoys us in others can lead us to a better understanding of our self. Instead of being a victim & judge, take responsibility for your thoughts & take a different approach.
Be a part of the change you’d like to see. Never underestimate your power to change yourself. Never over estimate your power to change others.(Wayne W. Dyer)
a) Accept, b) Adjust and c) Accommodate. – Sivananda’s quote.  Accept life’s inevitable duality of positive and negative. Accept the hardest fact to accept that some people cannot be changed. Don’t harp on their negativity, don’t judge or fight them. Accept theirs as no less real than yours. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
Dealing with negativity and trying to dispel it can be exhausting. Hence do not get stuck and entangled. Find your own path without the negativity affecting you and Move Forward.
Rules for staying positive with Right attitude without getting affected—

1) Attitude of Gratitude – Count your Blessings. Be helpful.

2) Health is Wealth – Do not lose your body health with bad habits.

3) Worry – Do not lose your Mental health with worries. Only a meager Eight percent of worries become true as per research findings. In any Case worrying spoils your chances of taking appropriate action.

4) Knowledge – Know your limits. You need not know everything. What is  important is you put to good use your current knowledge and are willing to learn more without getting confused.

5) Self Discipline- Understand the power of self discipline as the basic requirement for progress.

6) Positivity – Surround yourself with positive people – those who believe in you, who care for you, who challenge you and most importantly who inspire you to excel.

Most of Wisdom quotes dealt with keeping thoughts pure and positive because thoughts result in actions. We should take care that our actions

are virtuous  because they become habit &  Behavior which determines our destiny (Achievement of Life Goals).

No doubt, only blessed personalities will get Sri Vidya initiation. What is more important is that the sadhana should beso greatas to transform the initiate from his existing nature into an altruistic, more Humane, Ethical, lovingly kind, and friendly personality.

Sri Vidya Upasakas are defined by Five Spiritual Personality traits.

Self Discipline – Conscious of life goals as a Sri Vidya Upasaka, Acts dutifully and aligns all activities for goal achievement.
Intellectual Curiosity – With an open mind, is ready to learn from the experience of others. Through self introspection, analyzes and seeks innovative ideas for continuous correction & improvement.
Sociability – Friendly, Seeks stimulation in the company of others.
Agreeableness – Compassionate, Cooperates and collaborates with empathy and is non controversial, liked & sought by others.
Emotional Stability – Controls impulses of anger, Craving and Clinging. Remains balanced with both fortunate and unfortunate outcomes. Accepts reality without comparison with unwavering faith in Sri Vidya.
Thus to attain the goals of Sri Vidya initiation one should practice—

Regular Sadhana of Japa, Pooja etc as per commands of Guru along with conscious efforts to become more humane, caring and benevolent.Thus the inherent nature of upasaka will become divine and be in a position to engage in Thahthva-Vicharam and attain ThathvaNishtaBhava.

Let us acquire the above spirituality traits with divine grace
Let us be Nice to our self and to the Society.
Let Everyday become a wonderful day for our self and for the world.

With ViswaPrem,
B. Jayaraman & Vijaya