Contentment – Santhushti


Contentment – Santhushti

By – B. Jayaraman

Ya Devi sarva bhootheshu thushti roopena samsthitha,
 Namasthasyai namasthasyai namasthasyai namo nama:

Realized upasakas live in an exalted state of self-satisfaction and happiness.
They have the tremendous capacity to exhibit unconditional love towards all impartially. They respect others by listening to their views uncritically. Their nature is to forget and forgive others immediately. They maintain their balance even when great misfortune suddenly befalls and regain their composure very soon. Even at times of pleasant surprises they show their excitement within limits of decency.

Contentment does not mean that they do not have desires. In fact, being confident of divine grace they aim much higher for materialistic achievements. The only difference is that they do not adopt adharmic means to achieve their goal even as they flow along with the world. Just as they are ready to help others, they seek help from others. They even perform special poojas or offer prayers to get their desires fulfilled. The underlying principle of humility is that they do not want anything in life all by their own efforts but by their efforts along with grace of Sri Lalitha.

Matured upasaka do not get upset even when their sincere efforts do not give the desired result. With the contented feeling that they have done their best, they accept the failure as the unquestionable verdict of Devi, perhaps for something better later.

Contentment is the conscious decision to remain happy with what you have AND with whatever you get with sincere efforts, remembering the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagavat Gita. (karmaNEva adhikArasthE)

Sri Vidya upasakas remain highly faithful in their family relationships. They also develop friendly relationships with members of society and resolve the unavoidable conflicts amicably at the earliest. Most importantly, Since Sri Vidya upasakas enjoy an elevated status in society, they ensure that they do not create any controversy in society especially in terms of their methods of worship. Tactful upasakas avoid undue exposure of their pooja practices to public and do not crave for publicity.

Thrupthi is the sense of fulfillment when a particular task is successfully completed. Thushti is remaining continuously in a state of fulfillment and bliss as a way of life. A highly contended upasaka has a glowing face with a gentle smile and radiates happiness. This blissful state is called “SAHAJA“ Sthithi in Sri Vidya.
The message from such a upasaka in Sahaja state of Ananda is –