Saundarya Lahari Shloka 3

shri-vidya-sadhana-श्रीविद्या- साधना-saundarya-lahari
shri-vidya-sadhana-श्रीविद्या- साधना-saundarya-lahari

Saundarya Lahari Shloka 3

By – Sundararaman

Acharya in verse 2 extolled the praise of the speck of dust at the Lotus Feet of Devi. Probably Acharya felt that the greatness of the speck is so much that it needs to be emphasized by adding another verse !

अविद्यानामनतस्तिमिरमिहिरद्वीपनगरी जडानां चैतन्यस्तबकमकरन्दसृतिझरी।
दरिद्रानां चिन्तामणिगुणनिका जन्मजलधौ निमग्नानां दम्ष्ट्रा मुररिपु वराहस्य भवति॥३॥

Acharya says: हे देवी, the speck of dust from you Lotus feet is like the place of rising Sun which removes the darkness of ignorance, is like the honey dripping from the cluster of flowers of consciousness, is like Chintamani to the deprived and like the tusk of Varaha to those who are inundated by the sea of series of births and deaths.
Most of us suffer from the following – (i) a deep ignorance which has been accumulated by various births and deaths; that ignorance which has prevented us from recognizing, understanding and realizing our true Self. This ignorance is referred to as ‘अविद्या’. (ii) a deep sense of Jaadyam (non-sentience) in us which makes us not realise the consciousness inside, (iii) an ever continuing need for something or the other, reducing us to the state of continuing penury. What is the result of all of these? Permanently we are inundated with the cycle of births and deaths. We continue to be born, live a life thinking what we see is what is real. While the Absolue Reality is only She. Then we pass away only to be reborn and undergo all the travails of the new birth!
We continue to remain craving for something or the other. When we get what we craved for, do we become permanently happy? No. Now, we are afraid whether we will be able to retain what we got. The fear kills us. After sometime some other new desire arises in our mind and we start craving for the new one. There is no ending to this. Why does this all happen? The deep ignorance inside us as to who we are prevents us from realizing that the All pervading Consciousness is Devi, and all living and non-living things, including us, are nothing but her manifestations. The name, form, etc., that we carry are not reality. If we put our head on Her Lotus Feet, the tiny speck of dust from her Feet will remove this Ignorance, wake up the Consciousness inside us and take us to a state where we have nothing to ask for. This shall make us feel that we have all that we want. Thus the speck of dust will lift us from the sea of births and deaths where we are submerged, like the tusk of Varaha that lifted the Earth which was submerged.
Let us all unconditionally surrender to Her and put our heads on Her Lotus Feet.