Saundarya Lahari Shloka 2


Saundarya Lahari Shloka 2

Soundarya lahari shloka with meaning by – Shri Sundarraman

तनीयांसं पांसुं तवशरणपङ्केरुहभवं विरिञ्चिः सञ्चिन्वन् विरचयति लोकानविकलं
वहत्येनं शौरिः कथमपि सहस्रेण शिरसा हरः संक्षूद्यैनं भजति भसितोद्धूलनविधिम्॥

We all know that all activities – creation, sustenance and destruction – happen because of the Grace of Devi. Acharya signifies this point here by stating that all these activities are done by the respective Devatas – Brahma, Hari and Rudra with the help of tiniest of the dust of her Lotus Feet. Virinchi, i.e. Brahma collects the tiniest speck of the dust of her Lotus Feet and creates all the world. There are 14 worlds – seven upper worlds, namely Bhur, Bhuvar, Suvar, Mahar, Jana, Tapas and Satya, as also the seven nether worlds: Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasatala, Talatala, Mahatala and Patala. The word world may also be taken to mean the animate and inanimate worlds. The tiniest speck is so capable that it helps Brahma in creating all the worlds. Also it is so heavy that Vishnu, with great difficulty is carrying these worlds. Even though he has 1000 heads, still he finds it very heavy and therefore difficult. Souri refers to Vishnu. He, as Adisesha is said to be carrying all the upper worlds and the nether worlds, in the form of Simsumar, a porpoise. Rudra, has to reduce this tiny speck to ashes, by destroying the worlds, for his regular Bhasma-snana. When all are burnt what remains is only ashes! Bhasmantantam idam sariram, says Upanishads. What is the esoteric meaning of this verse? First, everything starts and ends at Her feet. It is not even the feet, it is just the tiniest speck of the dust associated with her lotus Feet. So simply surrender yourself there and leave it all to Her. On a slightly higher plane – Devi has four feet, named शुक्ल चरण, रक्त चरण, मिश्र चरण and निर्वाण चरण, the first two resting on the two-petalled lotus of the आज्ञा चक्र the third on the twelve-petalled lotus अनाहत of the heart, and the fourth on the thousand-petalled lotus of the द्वादशान्त. The word lotus in this verse refers to these lotuses. Visnu, Brahman, Rudra and Sada-s’iva are their respective deities. Respectively their Gunas are: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas and Gunatitatva. They get their characteristics through the speck of dust resting on the four feet. The verse has not talked about Sadashiva at this stage since it is just the second verse. The first three occupy themselves in their respective avocations of creation, sustenance, and destruction. Dattatreya puts it in a poetic way. He says three of your Feet are already taken over by Brahma Vishnu and Rudra. ‘Please put your fourth Feet, nirvana charana on my head’

भ्रूमध्यगौ विधिहरी तव रक्तशुक्लौ पादौ रजोमलगुणौ खलु सेव्यमानौ।
सृष्टिस्थिती वितनुतो हृदये तृतीयमङ्घ्रिं भजन् हरति विश्वमुदग्रमुग्रः।
तुर्यं तवांब चरणं निरुपाधि बोधसान्द्रामृतं शिवपदे सततं नमामि॥

Thirdly, it shows that all the three Devatas are always at her Feet. नमो देव्यै महा लक्ष्म्यै श्रियै सिध्यै नमोनमःब्रह्माविष्णुमहेशान वेदकैः पूजिताङ्घ्रये। नमः त्रिपुरसन्दर्यै शिवायै विश्वमूर्तये॥

Let us pray Her Lotus feet and reach Sayujyam with her!!

श्री मात्रे नमः