e following statements summarize the Tenets i.e. the basic principles on which SHRIVIDYA PRATISHTHAN is formed and also provide direction to the activities of SHRIVIDYA PRATISHTHAN.

Shri Gurubhyo Namaha. We fully realize that even the noblest activities could be fulfilled only by the Grace of SarvakArana Bhootha Shri Guru Rupini Shri Matha Lalithambika.

Vedas are the basis for our Sanatana Dharma. Out of abundant Karuna, Lord Siva churned Vedas, Agamas & Tantra sastras using the rod of Gnana to reveal Shri Vidya for liberation of mankind. Thus Sri Vidya is Brahma Vidya.

Shri Vidya Saparya is the practical application of Brahma Vidya.
We believe in Universal Brotherhood. Hence all of us, brothers & sisters are eligible for Shri Vidya sadhana depending on our Vasanas, Strength of belief, intensity of Bhava & Bhakthi and Sincerity of purpose.

All Gurumandalams following different traditions handed over by previous generations of Gurumandala are indeed equally Great as long as they believe in Universal Motherhood and pray for Universal welfare and do not cause public controversies. We will never attempt to grade them one versus the other.

We believe in jointly working together to enhance the glory of each & every Gurumandalam. We want every gurumandalam to flourish and carry on its own traditions in future.

Together we will rediscover the ancient sacred texts of Shri Vidya. We believe that maintaining the secrecy means restricting their circulation to few dedicated sadakas and ensuring continuity of restricted propagation.

Our emphasis will be on the Siddhantha of Shri Vidya, common to all traditions. The ultimate purpose of Shri Vidya Sadhana is to attain SAHAJA STHITHI – A Blissful state of self realisation and continue to serve the family, Gurumandalam and The Society.